judeoneill (judeoneill) wrote,

3 Songs I'm working on

feel free to play along. Yay for simple songs!


Capo 4
C G Am

C G Am E
He had a good head on his shoulders, but the cops were on his tail
He was 23 when he confided in me he was afraid to go to jail.
"I'm just not that kind of person," he said to me with chagrin
C   G Am G
It was hard to summon sympathy at first, but his story drew me in

C G Am G Am C
C G Am E
He was only a kid with an axe to grind and no one to swing at
He made straight A's until the day he realized that didn't mean he passed
So he took his pen and paper, traded them in for a knife
Tried to rob a wine and spirits, but a hero gave him his life.

"And I didn't really mean to," was his only defense
Packed his bags, caught a Greyhoud, hit the road for penance
Found the east coast under gray clouds under which he thought he could hide
But the Sherriff of Biloxi wanted him dead or alive.

C G Am
And I don't know where he is today

G Am C
And I wouldn't tell you anyway

C G Am E E7
So get out of my house now, kindly go away
I don't need a hassle today.

Sit and have some coffee he said, when I passed him on the street
He was in a sidewalk cafe, and i have to say I needed something to eat
He was lonely, needed a place to stay; somewhere to sleep
He crashed on my couch, and collapsed in a heap

It's a funny thing I think today, giving a murderer board
But I tried to help him as I could, and what's my reward?
He took everything he could, I'm a gullible fool
I didn't know someone could be so cruel.

I'm glad I think, in a way, that he left me alive.
The fact that he did only makes me derive
That maybe somehow he thinks of me, wherever he is
I sure hope someone does, I've given all I have to give.


We're products of our environment, we all are taught.
We're malleable and rubber, but our steel souls are wrought
By a meaningless world of doubt and lies
We're all nothing but subjects of the Lord of the Flies.


"A Moment of Rage Made Manifest in Blood"
Capo 7
C G F am G

There are times that I find myself saying that I think it's about time to give up
And there times that I think I should just leave it all up to luck

But there are words that haven't yet been written, things can't be left unsaid
And there are many more lives that I'm living than the one I do inside your head

You think that I'm some kind of toy, beaten, hobbled, laying on your chair
You think that I'm incapable of conscious thought, you think that I don't care

am F am G
The flames of desire have woken me to life
Broken down doors, handed me the knife
I can't believe my luck; I'm not gonna give it up

I'm sick of the lying cheating manipulating you say you do for my good
I'm speaking quite clearly and lucidly but I still seem to be misunderstood

It's kind of ridiculous you still insist to keep your hand on this wheel
I'm not even here anymore you see a ghost. The body in front of you is not real.

So the pain that your doings have caused are now returned to you sevenfold
It's funny to see you give me that look, I'll remember ir till I'm old

C G em G
I'm raging i'm battling inside of my head
I'm gonna bring out all that remains unsaid


There are times that I find myself feeling that it must all be my fault
But I shrug that stupid thought from my shoulders, and still I carry on


Capo 5
C  G Am F G

with eyes like two laser beams she looks into mine
and i feel her gaze work its way down my spine
and I think to myself, 'i might stay for a while'

I sit on the couch and light a cigarette
take a sip of the drink which lingers on her breath
and I think to myself, 'i could spend the night.'

her mouth whispers miracles deep and close in my ear
Secret sentiments meant only for me to hear
and then i know, i'm where I belong

Am      F G

Because time takes it toll
On a rock that insists to roll
So I feel right and good

Am                  G
Staying here like I should

C  G Am F G

Spent cigarette butt smoldering in ash tray
Burns like cat's eyes, imploring me to stay
and i say to it, 'you don't have to ask'

Because heaven takes its home inside her hair
Holding her head to mine, vanishes all care
and behind us I see floats the past


Am                    C
Time posts I feel the stall
Am                 C        G
I'm wandering down a broken hall
Am                     C
And the light down the corridor
   F                 G
Is all that makes me yearn for more

The light I see is her ambivalent face
Causes me to quicken my pace
I'm scrambling, I'm running, I'm falling
towards the place


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