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lots of poetry

Some of this is painful to post, but here we go:

Just for me; G Em Am D Capo 5
There was a lime green fadeout
Where we had once played
There was a time tested way out
For which we have not yet paid

And I cannot find
The reason why
I still don’t know
Quite why I cry
Every night before I
Drain myself to sleep
It’s just for me

Three kids shadows in dark
Where we hid out
In the woods in the park
We’d play and shout

And I don’t know why
It all went away
And I still don’t know
What to say today
When I’m confronted
By my demons
I guess it’s all
Just for me.

Two kids in shadows
One of us gone
He’s hidden where only god knows
We’ve got to move on

And I don’t know why
I stay here today
And I still don’t know
This price that I pay
When asked what I do
To the likes of you
I say:
It’s just for me.

One Inch; c am em g; Bb F Bb F Bb F C Capo 4
A candle’s falling wax
A gentle quiet leak
I’ve got to straighten the facts
I’ve no one with whom to speak

And where’d it all fade to?
The history that I had
It seems stability
Was but a passing fad

And now I see you here
Standing right next to me
And I’d give anything
Just to only be

One inch closer to you
One inch above the flood
I can’t begin to describe
What I’d give I would
Give everything to them
To simply softly be
Away from the crowds
Helpless alone and free.

A fire doused in hope
Extinguished by the fear
I can’t begin to hope
The future may be near

And now what do I have?
But everlasting bliss
I’ve everything I need
Right here in this

Thomas J. Eckleburg;
Amber waves of pain
Rise above a plain
Of white white grass
Obscuring the view
Of the dying city below

And you look into his eyes.
Do you see anything?
Where is the boy you loved?

He’s gone, he’s now a machine.
The boy you loved has left this place.
And he looks into your eyes.
What can he be thinking?

You don’t know anymore.

And where did it go wrong?
Where did you lose him?
Where did we lose our way?

Untitled 1;
Don’t worry now,
It’ll all be over soon.
Think of next year,
When it’s all over.
Think of next spring,
When that which is dead shall rise.
So shall we, like the others,
Again be reborn.

The Tempest;
The waves ride high
I can’t see you!
As high as the eye you severed
I can’t see you!

Come home now
Come home and kiss me
Hold me tight
I only want to be with you.

The clouds cry upon us,
But where are you?
I am alone in the dark
Where are you?

And the pain
It only goes to show
Speed down the lane
It only shows that I need you.

Untitled 2;
Think of then
Think of when plants grew
When I was me and you were you
When things that we now do
Didn’t get in the way.

A Crimson drop into a red pool.
It is complete.

I’m trying to make not apologizing a habit,
But it still comes through.
That’s me for you.

Untitled 3;
Sunset implies an end
But must it?
One end is another beginning
Let us treat it as such.

A wealth of destruction
A gong of perpetual pain
Rings among the severed

Bang bang, we all fall down.
It is our fault.
Bang bang, a sad child drowns
In out guilt.

A wealth of pain,
A gong of perpetual destruction
Rings among the destructors

We have lost our way
In this dying city
I don’t want to stay
In this dying city.

The pity that flows out
From under every door
Is hollow and unresounding
It is black and painful.

Haze envelops
And surrounds
My daze envelops
Me around
The axis
On the rope
Suspended by asia major
I hope
To endeavor
And find my way
To stay away
From what you say
You really hate that which I say
I won’t betray
Or take away what’s mine
From me to give
To you
I can see the truth
What’s true and what is
Not does not much
Matter, perspective is
Shot and torn and
Worn and shorn
By grief and pain
My name is gone
Not same and I have
No one else
To blame

Grizzled and Bare
The tree trunk stares at me
I didn’t know I swear
I’m sorry.

What will it take for me
To make you feel at home
What will it take for you to be
Comfortable with me?

I cut into the barrier of life
Slowly tracing the letters of your name.
I follow it with mine
And bind us to the same.

But nothing gold can stay
So let’s make it silver
I can’t say to you
What I want to
I can’t be for you
Who you want.

Can we just try
To work it out?
All night I cried
For your doubts.

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