November 26th, 2009


A month to decode...

Before all else, IS WAS.
From Being sprung forth Soul.
We shuddered in the cold.
We shattered in anticipation,
And We knew Self.
From Us grew up around us Space,
And we perceived it.

We lost our sacred knowledge,
Filtered by imperfect ears through
Stuttering tungs.
In human languages snared was
Truth in obscurity.

I say to you today,
Strip away from your minds
That which is brought there
Through experience and time

For these lies only serve
To hide from our eyes from
The divine.

God is us, the root of us and
Our completion, free from bonds of
Our faulty composition of a reality
More likened to photograph of
A screen.

Reflect in midnight the noon's sun's
Serenity, to breath to life a movement
Untainted by primates.

-- Post From My iPhone