September 10th, 2008


To Sleep

Beating stillborn hearts are cast opposite the glow of a framed black stalk.
Where will we two burn immortal in the Age of Aquarius?
For whichever sun will cast its manifold shadows upon two lustrous hearts entwined, our bond will force unique lotus-lattices, snow white in motive.
But grows a doubt in the hearts of gods.
Virginal gray maidens take fair warning and converge upon such this a twisted bond, unknotting fiery passions in the love-lakes of our souls.
The bond was never forged.
Now cast and fated to wane solitary, my vessels succumb to some form of higher meaning. I find—I think, dillusion in the very illusion of unity.
If one is all then what is any when one has departed?
But as a metaphysically slanted monologue develops in the dark rooms of my mind, a stranger knocks.

It is time to sleep.
But what dreams may come?