March 21st, 2008


Metempsychosis: A second attempt at epic poetry (In Progress)



We live

One life

To the next,

Oblivious of our past Pasts,

Without knowing our united Identity.

We die

Time after time;

Life after life;

Foreseeing only an end,

Never a beginning.

I was born in a past life

A Mongol warlord,

Living by death and sword,

Ushering the world to future greatness.

I died to be a tortured soul,

Locked in the deepest dungeons

Of a Victorian London sanatorium.

My soul crossed the Irish sea

In order to be a modernist writer

Streaming my consciousness onto a page,

My Daedalian wings outstretched I flew

Freed only in body from the chains of insanity

I insist you remember me!

Remember my name, for it is thine own

The name

One name

One life

One time

One hope

One truth

So now, bring yourself to being

And walk onwards and lead yourself

Free from the shades of the oppressor


Deep into the hollow sea

Meet me

And all, he

Who had seen the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness, he transcended sadness;

Who had insisted we hurry up please, it’s time, he had taught me to know mine mind;

Who had admired that Grecian urn; a lover’s yearning so observed;

Who could not stop for death, she now has her rest in me;

Who found himself within a forest dark, had hearkened to the words and is now free;

Who held with those who favored fire is freed now from that deathly mire;

Whose life immense in passion, who leads me in such a fashion;

whose sweet et cetera rings and praises i not sing;

Bring now, to our eternal gathering

Your voice, and your word

For it is ours.

And mine is yours.

And mine is ours.

Do not then, silence the speech of




Is all.

Is all there is

And ever was.


So now I do call to thee

I bring you out of the darkness;

Out of the oblivion in which

The Many Parts

Of our One Whole


I call you now

Out from the depths of the mine

And summon you to the depths of the mind.

I bring across the rift of time

To analyze my line.

I call you now

From the blackness of night

Make right

That which was torn asunder

By the destroyer these eight years.

Bring us now out

From the shadow of the valley of death

Be not deaf to the call of your brethren

Rather; listen.

Listen to their words;

Make them your own.

They are your own.

Inscribe them upon your heart

So you may start

To usher in the postwar century.

Bring the age of peace,

So that after may arise the culmination

Of Samsara.

At this point lays the end of the circle.

At this point resides our freedom from:

Straw houses,

Cat and mouse games with hidden men in robes trying vainly to free their world;

Interregnum politics with our own Oliver Cromwell, embodied in a burning Bush.

This Bush is not WHO AM, but AM NOT.

BE. Do not BE NOT.


Sesquipedalian and Daedalian,

Filled with corpsegas and grandiloquent phrase

I stand,

To address the crowds

The crowd now wearied

Of psychological torture;

Of postnatal abortion.






I reject your flag.

I will not pledge my being

To a cloth emblem of fascism.

I reject your ideals.

"Patriotism" is glorified xenophobia;

The assertion that one’s home is superior


I pledge allegiance to my brothers and sisters,

Now here before me.

I pledge allegiance to peaceful coexistence,

Now out of my reach.

I will unite the cross with crescent,

Hexagram with pentagram.

Marduk will resurrect Tiamat,

Osiris will reconcile with Seth,

And on the banks of the Jordan and Nile

Great banquets will reign.

Over the lands of the disenfranchised natives

Will rain great pestilence

Until their home is restored

To its collective beauty.


Restoration and reparation

Is a lie.

Why must we fool ourselves?

The sins of the father are not inherited by the son.

The Sun asserts that

History is a nightmare from which we must awake.


Bring yourselves to life, my friends!

Your chains and locks are not bound!

It is an illusion!

Shrug your shoulders like Great Atlas is wont to do,

And the past is gone!

The past is present in another life

The now is then, and then is now,

Forget. Be free.

Be to me.


Be your own God,

Now and forever

For I am your God and you mine.

This is no turn of phrase,

No clever subtlety.

I use not subtlety in these words,

For truth is truth and truth.

Awake and rise!

You are my father and mother and child and uncle and aunt and neice and neighbor and benefactor and beneficiary and persecutor and persecuted and prosecutor and defendant and victim and rapist and murderer and mugger and robber and philanthropist.

We rape, kill, exploit, maim, deform, defame, lie, cheat, steal, molest, solicit, abuse, use, and obey in our own waste.

We give, benefit, aid, protest, elect, question, care, and coexist in our marble halls.

We are one in our opposition of ourselves.


Bring divergence full circle.

Come back to thineself.