February 8th, 2008



I've been trying a more classical, lyrical style lately.


Osiris and Set make a temporary alliance
In order to kill Arjuna's defiance.
The Pantheon assembles, without recourse
To silence Siddhartha Guatama's voice.

Eris a golden apple lets drop
To tempt Yahweh's servant to a rise to the top.
Shiva, riding Nandi, the bull
Onward does Apollo pull.


If I told about the flames that rise above the halls in which we dwell,
Or dwelt upon the frozen ground of each own personal Hell;
If I tried to be what we all will, in the end of the May
Or were to find the way on home, here would I not stay.

If I felt the eyes of Future’s Son piercing into my back,
Or saw the Present’s children run, avoiding our attack;
If I were one to question Fate and ask why we must march,
Or were one to make a trifling love, I would fade to the dark.

And if I would just be able to see all that we could be,
I would leave well enough alone, and strive only to be free.


Sweet children of the night do strive
To live in peaceful Unity;
Be not content, merely alive,
But live in one in Me.

Deathly pyre brings smoke unbound
And wakes me now to life;
Acolytic prayers float around
Over the earth, my celestial Wife.