October 3rd, 2007


Stole from Geoff

TEN random things about me:

1) I am listening to the Sonic Youth.
2) I am not the kind of person many people like to know, but you won't regret it if you try anyway.
3) I am heavily medicated. If that's a problem to you, just don't talk to me. I'm sick of people who don't believe in biological psychology getting in my face.
4) I plan on attending Temple next year.
5) I love Danielle Nichole Bronson
6) I always will.
7) I am genetically predisposed to many bad things.
8) I have 71 gb of music in my itunes.
9) I haven't listened to a lot of it, but it's comforting to know that i have 26 hours of the chemical brothers on my computer
10) I am a writer

NINE ways to win my heart:

1) Show you care about me
2) think for yourself
3) Make me feel good about myself
4) care about other people
5) love.
6) care what I think
7) cook with me
8) accept me
9) Be Danielle Nichole Bronson

EIGHT things I want to do before I die:

1) Change the world in a positive way
2) Write a recognized work
3) Write a successful, well-known song.
4) Provide for those for whom I care
5) Tell Mrs. Smallen to fuck off
6) Make people care about each other
7) Write something while tripping
8) Enlighten the world

SEVEN ways to annoy me:

1) Flaunt what is obviously pretense.
2) Give me the cold-shoulder.
3) Talk about your problems, the same problems, every day.
4) Be awkward.
5) Criticize me stupidly for my vegetarianism.
6) Act like you're hysterically funny.
7) Sit on your boyfriend and grope him whenever you are together in public.

SIX favorite things:

1) Literature
2) Music
3) Activism
4) Equality
5) Chaos
6) Aleister Crowley (the giant pink animal rabbit, not the occultist)

FIVE things I'm afraid of:

1) being alone
2) being stifled
3) "Dying of lung cancer."
4) loss
5) the truth

FOUR favorite items in my room:

1) Dani's drawings
2) Shrinivas Sugandhalaya Nag Champa
3) My books
4) My altar

THREE things I do every day:

1) Listen to music
2) write
3) eat

TWO things I want to do right now:

1) "Smoke a cigarette"
2) Write

ONE person I want to see right now:
1) Dani