March 30th, 2007



I am an
Unnecessary to the machine because I lack the so-called fortitude to do the so-called right thing. But self preservation being my one and only goal I strive to do more than you know I strive to arrive at the hive and kill the queen and do such as this unseen act of modern warfare and tactics untaught and unlistened and thought and bedridden. Come and testify before the grand counsel wurm before the court and tidal germ where we were taught the tribal burn to give us all one maiden home and lead us to the written tome by scribes who taught us how to walk and talk and eat and breathe to live and hope and fight and dream. And give me the final test to be better than the rest I want to be the very best and wrest from your grip the life giving vest the life preserver to guide us further in uncharted waters surrounded by the sharks of modern ecology disposable bed ridden ecology of so called surrealist dreams. But no, I want more.

I want me. I want to be free from the rules of modern death and squirrels will tear at my bare chest at guts and life unspoken unknown and unbroken by waves of sound dispersed from a source from a megaphone with a protestor attached screaming about the Vietnam War. Past events are bereft of purpose as I plug onwards towards the surface where the whales converge and breach and live and teach and give and preach to the congregation of whalers before being so rudely stripped of their blubber. Our rubber souls are torn our shoes and glasses so very worn, but we move steadily on.