January 28th, 2007



Cannons cry,
children sigh,
those around the fire die,
and I’m trying to find why
I can’t go any further.

Push onward beyond the apocalypse
to now here we fly further.
Push down upon the oak tree
to where the demon reads his book about Egyptian girls,
where fire lends water the power to stay above the wave break;
where he can float free. I take the wheels off a toy car and strap them to my feet.

The devil in the flames asks me for the diamond heart
upon which rests the souls of the dead,
in which lies the redemption of us all.
I can’t give it up to him.

You gave me it when we met in the peach grove
and you told me to keep it with mine so that we could meet again
when we were free from parental folly
A tryst in the greenery and you gave it to me:
all I ever wanted under that tree in the grass as the sun went down.

Those words you spoke encased in carbon
with the eye of Horus blocking it
from the light of day
the eye of Horus giving me
my dreadful dirty say
the eye of Horus leading me