January 25th, 2007


today in analysis

I wrote two fragments when i should've been studying the natural log.

Tie the rope across virgin skin
And whisper slowly in his ear
He will like it, be quiet, quiet.
No moving now, silence! silence.

Gag the mouth with silken thread
Close the eyes with a quiet dread
Do not let him get away.
He's not moving now, he's silent. Silent.

I'm sorry I'm sorry wake up please
no don't do this to me
what the fuck are you doing
who the fuck do you think you are
no no no no no
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
sunday morning
half past five
i hardly feel
like i'm alive.
i'm laying here
cloaked in fear
and i don't know
what is real

sunday morning
almost eight
i can feel
my oncoming fate
i get up now
i can't see how
i will find
a way to deal

sunday morning
and it brings
complete numbness
the phone rings
bring out now
the sacrificial cow
i will find
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